Hour of Code – Grade 1 and 2

Today I visited a grade 1/2 class for “Hour of Code”.  These kids were coding for the first time and were going to be using Chromebooks so I wanted to try one of the “canned” Hour of Code activities.  I settled on the Kodable activity because it was ranked high and I could test it at home and was confident it would work on the chromebooks.

The lesson plan is really nicely done – broken up into what to discuss before and what to debrief about afterwards – I really liked it (teaching grade 1 and 2 kids is not my specialty so it’s nice to have a tested plan ).  Kids liked the “robot” programming demonstration (it’s just directing a student robot around the room with simple instructions) but it was a bit long so I would probably shorten the pre-talk to about 15 mins.  The kids worked in partners on the chromebooks and after about 25 minutes we debriefed and then they went back to the chromebooks and continued the activity after I left.  In total the teacher used about 90 minutes for this activity – which I think was good.


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