Hour of Code – Gr. 3 with Minecraft

My last official hour of code activity was with a grade 3 classroom using chromebooks and I decided to use the Minecraft activity with this group.  Overall it went very well.


Best Parts

  • Just saying “Minecraft” got the kids attention:)
  • Very little pre-info needed to begin this activity
    • I got a “robot” student to move around the class on our instructions
    • I would demonstrate the first 1 or 2 levels on a projector
  • Kids get a clear example of building code using clear instructions in the correct sequence
  • Activity is nicely broken into steps (I think there are 12) so that kids earn the reward of reaching the next level


  • A few kids struggled with the interface a bit, the coding blocks and text are very small and require some fine detail work with the mouse (Adult helpers had trouble reading small text:)
  • Once a couple of groups finished the other kids all wanted to finish but it would take some kids awhile to work through all tasks (At the 1 hour mark only 2 teams of 2 had finished).  I hadn’t made the kids login so they couldn’t save their work for completion at home or later at school.
  • A few kids found it too difficult after the first few levels and lost interest
  • For this activity there are blocks available that the kids don’t need so sometimes kids just start grabbing stuff and hoping it works so you need to prepare them to think about solutions a bit

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